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Our message needs to be heard!

Building and sustaining IOOS requires adequate, long-term support. Although IOOS is comprised of many technical elements and diverse partners, it is by design a coherent and critical undertaking. Garnering needed support requires clear and consistent communication about IOOS from all involved partners.

NFRA at a Glance

This two-page flyer provides the basics of what the Regional Associations are all about, and includes a map of the US waters in which they work. Download the flyer (PDF).

ioos messaging kitIOOS Messaging: A Communications Toolkit

To help those involved with IOOS define and explain the value and benefits of the system in a clear and consistent way, a working group composed of representatives from NFRA, Ocean.US, and NOAA developed a Communications Toolkit geared towards policy makers, such as Members of Congress and the White House Office of Management and Budget, who exercise great influence over the current and future direction of IOOS.

The Toolkit is intended to support partnerships for IOOS. Use it to communicate with key audiences, in particular policy makers, about IOOS in a consistent way that meets the primary communication objective. Concepts can be incorporated into specific communication products, with information tailored and made relevant using specific examples/situations as appropriate.

Make the messages your own

The toolkit includes key messages and an outline for building an elevator speech for IOOS. These elements are not intended to be used as scripts. You are encouraged to incorporate these concepts into your own words, making the information relevant to the audiences and situations you encounter. Also included is boilerplate language that can be repeated on printed communication materials to consistently define what IOOS is and how it benefits the nation. Download the Communications Toolkit

A sampling of other publications and reports from Ocean.US

Use this link to access these and several other reports by Ocean.US: