Who is NFRA?

NFRA is a non-profit organization formed by the Regional Associations for Coastal and Ocean Observing in support of the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS). IOOS is a national program created to ensure the sustained observation of our nation's coastal oceans and to develop information products from those observations to assist people in their lives and livelihoods.  IOOS is both a national system and a network of regional systems.

The NFRA mission

Regional Associations (RAs)

Eleven RAs serve the nation’s coastal communities including the Great Lakes, the Caribbean and the Pacific Islands and territories. RAs meet the diverse needs of users throughout the US through the design and operation of Regional Coastal Ocean Observation Systems (RCOOS). Together, the national and regional components form an integrated system:  


NFRA represents the RAs at the federal level and coordinates the development of RCOOSs according to IOOS design principles. Each member RA appoints two representatives to serve on the Board of Directors, and each RA has one vote. The Board may elect non-voting members from interested organizations. The Board meets in the spring and fall of each year.